Speakers Bureau

We are not a speakers bureau for the masses. In fact at any one time we have no more than ten clients. We do this because we like to work with our friends, people who are not pretentious, who are easy to get on with and very very good at what they do….who wants to get embarrassed by some prima donna who is fixated on green M&M’s?

We believe our clients are not only nice people, but are among the best voice in their areas of expertise. Currently, we are helping to facilitate events for actors, social advocates, an up-and-coming poet, a best-selling christian author/speaker, and a life rebound expert– he has a totally different twist on things (if he is not making you laugh, he is making you cry).

If you want a talented speaker for your community, business or church event, drop us a line and we will set up a time to talk and see if we have a fit for you.

Please click here to email us.